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Just to make you hungry :-)


Dancing with the goats

GoAt Swing is the idea of crazy lindy hoppers from one of the most beautiful cities in Poland — Poznań. Why not getting all together and become "dancing with the goats"?

The idea was born in the summer of 2016, on the way to Kraków. We all suddenly thought: "there isn't any bigger event in Poznań, let's make one!". So here we are — getting all together to meet and integrate people from all over the world, show the culture and taste of Poznań and spend a lot of time on the dancefloor.

Why "GoAt Swing"? Well, our little goats are the symbol of Poznań. And — actually — these funny creatures jump and bounce a lot just like we do on the dancefloor.

GoAt Swing is an exchange which means we focus on the integration — daytime activities, city sightseeing, traditional food, hosting and finally — parties, tasters, live music and a lot of dancing — this is what makes the days of the exchange amazing, interesting and unforgettable!


Let’s taste a bit of good swing

They are full of passion and energy on the dance floor. Dedicated to what they do every day — sharing their knowledge and experience.
Meet the teachers who will make the GoAt Swing Exchange unforgettable!

You'll GoAt it soon ;)

You'll GoAt it soon ;)

About Us

Those who make it happen

We're all different but our hearts beat to the same rhythm — of swing.

We met in lindy hop and authentic solo jazz classes run by the swing society in Poznań, full of ever-so-enthusiastic swing dancers from our city who share our passion. With their support we have plenty of ideas to make the event unique.


Sponsors, Patrons, Friends
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