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GoAt Swing Exchange 2018

Come to our beautiful city of Poznań and join us for the second edition of GoAt Swing Exchange! We prepared for you:

  • 5 parties at amazing local venues with live music and great DJ's,
  • 4 tasters with great Polish and international teachers,
  • socializing and having fun together during daytime activities such as learning how to bake a nut croissant, picnics, board games, sightseeing, city discovery tours and others,
  • an amazing experience of having private classes and making friends with top international teachers!

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Let's dance, socialize and make friends!
Wednesday 3rd Thursday 4th Friday 5th Saturday 6th Sunday 7th
Daytime Arriving, kissing... ~10:30 AM Private Classes
Daytime Activities
~10:30 AM Private Classes
Daytime Activities
~10:30 AM Private Classes
Daytime Activities
~10:30 AM Private Classes
Daytime Activities
Evening 8:00 PM Warm Up Party 8:00 PM Party 8:00 PM Party 8:00 PM Main Party 8:00 PM Farewell Party
Just some dancing 8:00 PM Taster 8:00 PM Taster
J&J Open Prelims 
Teachers' Presentation
J&J Open
8:00 PM Taster
J&J Advanced Prelims 
J&J Advanced
8:00 PM Taster
GoAt SE... Sleep well :-)

Private Classes

More than just ordinary workshops

Have you ever dreamt of dancing and making friends with top Lindy Hop instructors?

Now you can!

Michał Oblaciński
and Kasia Dybowska

Warsaw, Poland

Kamile Pundziute
and Arnas Jasiūnas

Vilnius, Lithuania

Isabel Gregori
and Víctor López

Valencia, Spain


Let's burn up the dance floor




You'll GoAt it soon ;)

Słodownia +2

Friday, Saturday

Beautiful event space at the Blow Up Hall 5050 Hotel — Słodownia +2, located in the amazing Shopping, Arts and Business Center "Stary Browar".

ul. Kościuszki 42, Poznań



You'll GoAt it soon ;)


Passion is priceless
From 20/07 to 10/08 From 11/08 to 30/09
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Party Pass
(5 days)
200 PLN / 50 EUR 230 PLN / 60 EUR 250 PLN / 65 EUR
Party Pass
(3 days*)
170 PLN / 45 EUR 190 PLN / 50 EUR
Party Pass
(2 days*)
140 PLN / 35 EUR 160 PLN / 40 EUR
Party Pass
(1 day*)
80 PLN / 20 EUR 100 PLN / 25 EUR
*You choose the day when you want to join us!
Available for Party Pass holders
Private class
(1 hour)
1 - 2 people 3 - 10 people
160 PLN / 40 EUR

with 2 participants
per person
80 PLN / 20 EUR
220 PLN / 55 EUR

with 10 participants
per person
22 PLN / 6 EUR
Available till 20/09
Widget T-Shirt Shoe bag
40 PLN / 10 EUR 20 PLN / 5 EUR

Not sure yet? Check out the fun we had last year!

Gallery 2017


Dancing with the goats

A big dancing event in this beautiful city of Poznań, where goats dance atop the town hall every day?

This idea was born in the summer of 2016, on the way to Kraków. And here we are… the second edition of GoAt is coming in October 2018!

GoAt Swing is an exchange, so we focus on:

  • parties, tasters, live music and a lot of dancing,
  • daytime activities, city sightseeing, traditional Polish cuisine and culture,
  • socializing and making friends,
  • hosting each other so that it's affordable to everybody!

Why "GoAt Swing"?

Well, our little goats are a symbol of Poznań. And — actually — these funny creatures jump and bounce a lot just like we do on the dancefloor.


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