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GoAt Swing Exchange 2019

Come to our beautiful city of Poznań and join us for the third edition of GoAt Swing Exchange! We have prepared for you:

  • 4 parties at amazing local venues with live music and great DJ's, including tasters,
  • an amazing opportunity of having Private Classes and making friends with top international teachers,
  • socializing and having fun together during useful daily around-swing activities!

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Let's dance, socialize and make friends!
Thursday 10th Friday 11th Saturday 12th Sunday 13th
Daytime 11:00 Arriving, kissing
Private Classes
11:00 Private Classes
Social Activities
11:00 Private Classes
Social Activities
11:00 Private Classes
Evening Warm Up Party
Restauracja Sarbinowska
ul. Obodrzycka 63
Party with Peters Peppers
Słodownia +2
ul. Kościuszki 42
Main Party with Peters Peppers
Słodownia +2
ul. Kościuszki 42
Farewell Party
Venue TBA

Isa & Victor: Flashy breaks and endings
Just some dancing :-)

J&J Open Prelims

Teachers' Presentation
J&J Open

Genia & Alexey: Go out from basics
J&J Advanced Prelims
Teachers' Show
J&J Advanced

Sylwia & Michał: Jig walks
Just some dancing :-)
GoAt SE... Sleep well :-)

Private Classes

More than just ordinary workshops

Have you ever dreamt of dancing and making friends with top Lindy Hop instructors?

Now you can!

Sylwia Rozpierska and Michał Ruszkawski

Warsaw, Poland

Sylwia and Michał met for the very first time at lindy hop party in Warsaw six years ago.
For as long as they can remember a joy of sharing a dance with others and significant influence of music on their improvisation have been essential for their dancing. So has fast swing outs, Sylwia and Michał are crazy about them!

They radiate positive vibes and take pride in their individual approach to each student during classes. Paying attention to technique of movement, studying musicality and having fun of dancing direct their feet on the dancefloor almost every day.

Focus on the origins of jazz helps them understand the lindy hop. They respect both swing dance and music history and continuously search for inspiration taking part in international workshops and tap classes.

Isabel Gregori and Víctor López

Valencia, Spain

Isa and Víctor signed up for Lindy Hop lessons in the fall of 2014. Although dancing was something that never crossed their minds, the swing bug bit them both since the very beginning. Soon they became active members in their local scene in Valencia and started to attend international swing events.

They are teachers of Black Bottom Studio (Valencia) since 2016 which gives them another reason to travel in order to improve and learn as much as possible. They believe that continuous learning is the way to be able to offer their best to their students. Since 2015, they have attended more than 60 festivals (and going up every month :-p).

Apart from her endless energy, Isa is well known for her everlasting smile and the passion she throws into her dance.
What stands out in Víctor's dance are his team player skills. During the dance he focuses on taking care of his partner.
Their energy and good vibes both in the dance floor and at their classes are contagious.

Genia Tsvietkova and Alexey Kazennov

Kiev, Ukraine; Moscow, Russia

Genia’s dancing story begun when she was 6 years old. Lindy Hop she met in 2006. Also she is a big fun of blues dancing. The dancing way keeps her excited, she finds out something new and really interesting all over the time. She hopes “this way will never reach the final destination ;-)“.

Genia was teaching in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Taiwan; won some competitions in Ukraine, LHCC in Vilnius, Dragon swing, fast feet competition in Herrang.

Since 2015 Genia is a part of the project Shiny Stockings Chorus Line in Kiev.
During the last time was involved in many routines and 4 great shows “The Jazz Age” with Shiny Stockings Chorus Line and Kyiv Rhythm Kings band.

Dancing is an important part of her life. Such attitude to dance makes her not only good dancer, but also responsible and attentive teacher.
Mostly her classes are concentrated in how to connect dance more with music and enjoy your dancing. It's mix smoothness of blues, energy of lindy hop and music feeling inside of yourself.

Alexey Kazennov is an incredibly talented and inspiring swing dancer hailing from Russia.

He started dancing in 2013 with extraordinary enthusiasm, came to every single party. In 2015 he jumped into the Lindy life with both feet and began teaching, practicing and traveling all over the world, and has won a great number of competition titles (ILHC, Savoy Cup, Rock That Swing, and a long etcetera!).

Lindy hop, Authentic Jazz, Blues, and St. Louis Shag, there is nothing he can’t dance!

Alexey is famous for his personal style as a dancer, his big smiles, and most of all for his high energy on the dance floor! Do you believe that someone can dance for 24 hours non-stop?
Yes, this is Alexey!


Let's burn up the dance floor


Sarbinowska Restaurant


Modern design combined with the good jazz vibe of this unique place will impress everyone! Tasty cuisine and a wide selection of wines and beers will surely give you a break time from the madness on the dance floor :-)

ul. Obodrzycka 63, Poznań

Słodownia +2

Friday, Saturday

The Friday and Saturday dance parties will be held at the Blow Up Hall 5050 Hotel — Słodownia +2, located in the amazing Shopping, Arts and Business Center "Stary Browar", right in the downtown. You will be impressed by wooden floor, huge amount of space to dance and... chilly air inside :)

ul. Kościuszki 42, Poznań

You'll GoAt it soon ;)


Peters Peppers

Berlin, Germany

Peters Peppers from Berlin is band passionate about playing authentic swing. Music for the heart, the soul and for the dancing shoes. Lead by James P. Scannell the seven musicians have a wide selection of swing classics from Goodman, Lunceford, Ellington, Dorsey and more, as well as their own unique arrangements and original compositions. The band plays from fast and hot to slow and dirty and everything in between. Style, attention to detail and commitment to set the dance floor jumping are guaranteed.


Bartosz Przybylski

Kraków, Poland

Dancer, instructor, DJ, swing music enthusiast, researcher, culture expert, traveler, event organizer, dance promoter, Polish ambassador of Swing.

Discovered the passion for dancing and swing music in 2012. Has already traveled 35 countries for Lindy Hop and participated in more than 250 festivals. In Kraków he runs Lindy Hop classes, develops his own program of musicality workshops and give lectures on the Swing music.

You can dance to his music on many festivals in Poland and occasionally abroad. His last biggest personal success was: organization of the first workshops for Swing DJ's in country. During his sets be sure you will get a solid dose of the best swing music.

Maria Kostrzewska

Gdańsk, Poland

At her first Lindy Hop classes, Maria was the most enchanted by the music, which since then never leaves her headphones (actually, it does: straight into her ears). Normally, she shares her best findings with the dancers in Gdańsk, making sure that the sounds she serves stay diverse. Prepare your hips for unexpected turns of events!

Clément Madeline

Berlin, Germany

Clément is known as DJ Crémant in Berlin. Music is his main source of dance inspiration. That's why he loves to share all his favourites tunes from the 30s and 40s. Be ready for some hard swingin' songs!

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Passion is priceless
From Jul 3 to Jul 31 From Aug 1 to Sep 30
Lucky GoAts
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Early GoAts
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Party Pass
(4 days)
220 PLN / 55 EUR 260 PLN / 65 EUR 290 PLN / 75 EUR
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150 PLN / 40 EUR 170 PLN / 45 EUR
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85 PLN / 20 EUR 100 PLN / 25 EUR
*Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday
***Friday or Saturday
Available for Party Pass holders
Private class
(1 hour)
1 - 2 people 3 - 6 people 7 - 12 people
220 PLN / 55 EUR

with 2 participants
per person
110 PLN / 28 EUR
300 PLN / 75 EUR

with 6 participants
per person
50 PLN / 13 EUR
336 PLN / 84 EUR

with 12 participants
per person
28 PLN / 7 EUR
Contact us to check availability
Pair of socks 25 PLN / 7 EUR

Not sure yet? Check out the fun we had last years!



Dancing with the goats

What is GoAt Swing Exchange? A big dancing event in this beautiful city of Poznań, where goats dance atop the town hall every day!

This idea was born in the summer of 2016, on the way to Kraków. And here we are, having held two editions already, and thinking of organizing another one in October 2019.

GoAt Swing is an exchange, so we focus on:

  • parties, tasters, live music and a lot of dancing,
  • daytime activities, city sightseeing, traditional Polish cuisine and culture,
  • socializing and making friends,
  • hosting each other so that it's affordable to everybody!

Why "GoAt Swing"?

Well, our little goats are a symbol of Poznań. And — actually — these funny creatures jump and bounce a lot just like we do on the dancefloor.


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