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GoAt Swing Exchange 2019

Thank you for being with us during the third edition of GoAt Swing Exchange!
Stay tuned, we'll publish movies and pictures soon!


Dancing with the goats

What is GoAt Swing Exchange? A big dancing event in this beautiful city of Poznań, where goats dance atop the town hall every day!

This idea was born in the summer of 2016, on the way to Kraków. And here we are, having held three editions already, and thinking of organizing another one in October 2020.

GoAt Swing is an exchange, so we focus on:

  • parties, tasters, live music and a lot of dancing,
  • daytime activities, city sightseeing, traditional Polish cuisine and culture,
  • socializing and making friends,
  • hosting each other so that it's affordable to everybody!

Why "GoAt Swing"?

Well, our little goats are a symbol of Poznań. And — actually — these funny creatures jump and bounce a lot just like we do on the dancefloor.


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